We are Here to Help You

We want to share our methods and tips with you.

Teaching your child never stops. She will not wait while you figure out how to teach her algebra. Sometimes you just need a little advice, and that is what we do here.

Whether you homeschool or help your child with homework, you still are faced with a major problem: “How can I explain this to my child in a way that he will understand?”

We are a group of homeschooling moms who struggled for years to teach our children successfully.

We have tried a huge variety of methods to teach our children, adapting to nearly every issue you could imagine.

From dyslexia to autism to genius, we have figured out the best way to explain to and teach our children.

Our site is free for you to use.

Feel free to register and ask as many questions as you have. We know how you must watch your purchases, especially if you homeschool.

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